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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          April 10, 2015


PITTSBURGH, Pa.   On April 9, 2015, the members of the Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh (GSPCGP) endorsed a slate of candidates for the Primary Election to be held on May 19, 2015.  A multi-partisan organization interested in candidates supporting and furthering LGBT and women’s rights, freedoms, and liberties, the GSPCGP solicits responses from all candidates appearing on the ballot in the greater Pittsburgh area. While we welcome new members, we’re glad to report that our bylaws helped ensure that there was no 11th hour influx of new faces (and we encourage other organizations to set up, and use, robust anti-packing provisions in their bylaws).

PA Statewide Offices

Voters may select up to three candidates for the Supreme Count—an historic moment. We endorse Christine Donohue and David Wecht – their thoughtful judgements and fairness to all will be familiar to Allegheny county residents – and, as “first among equals,” the extremely impressive Anne Lazarus, from Philly. Check out her credentials, please, and prepare to be impressed. (All three are “highly recommended” by the PA Bar association.) We also had some very good answers from John Foradora. He is an odd anomaly, a progressive judge demonstrating a sense of fairness and a sense of humor, who is broadly beloved in (very conservative) Jefferson County.  We think the original Gertrude Stein might have dubbed him a “mensch.” We wish him well.

For State Superior Court, we received very good responses from Alice B. Dubow, and we endorse her.

Allegheny County Offices

For county controller, we re-endorse competent incumbent Chelsa Wagner. We note – in addition to her generally progressive politics – her recent willingness to speak out on the dangerous inadequacy of HIV treatment in our now privately run, “for profit” county jail. For county council Districts 10 and 13 we endorse Dewitt Walton and Dan Connolly, respectively. In district 11, we continue to support the long-serving and diligent Barbara Daly Danko. She helped implement the county non-discrimination ordinances, has served on the Human Relations Commission, and understands the ins and outs of county law and council politics. Few of us hold it against her that, on occasion, she manages to build bridges “across the aisle.” We also honor (and give honorable mention) to her opponent, Caroline Mitchell, for her human-rights-focused legal career, fighting against discrimination, sexual harassment, and “victim blaming.” Her teaching has promoted progressive legal thinking in generations of CMU students.

For Judge, Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, voters may vote for up to three candidates. We endorse Hugh McGough—we hyper-endorse him, as a first among equals, and we love him to pieces. We happily endorse Rosemary Crawford as well. We give honorable mention to Richard Schubert, who strikes us as eminently fair minded and highly qualified, if not as intrinsically progressive as our endorsees. We hope to hear again from Jennifer McCrady, whose responses were genuinely good and thoughtful, once she has more trial experience.

City Offices

We endorse Michael Lamb for Pittsburgh Controller. He has been beyond reproach in the office; fair to all; and has been supportive of LGBT and feminist issues since well before such support was common.  We have previously endorsed his equally diligent, competent and admirable challenger Natalia Rudiak for city council. She gets an honorable mention here, as someone who may well be the future of the job (should Mr. Lamb choose to move on to other endeavors). 

For Pittsburgh City Council, we of course continue to endorse Bruce Kraus (District 3). In District 7, we break with long tradition, for an important reason. Normally, an incumbent who does everything right on our issues, and carries out the duties of the office well (in this case, Deb Gross) would be a shoo-in for re-endorsement. However, the life of challenger La’Tasha Mayes (starting and expanding New Voices Pittsburgh; fighting for LGBTQI inclusion, health care access, and political power for a range of disenfranchised groups) embodies what our club is all about. We endorse Ms. Mayes both because we want to, and because, really, we must! Ms. Gross naturally retains an honorable mention; voters of this lucky district can be happy regardless of outcome. We have not endorsed candidates in other districts.

For Pittsburgh School Board, we enthusiastically endorse Lynda Wrenn (district 4) and Moira Kaleida (district 6). It’s a pleasure to see new candidates full of good ideas to prevent and counter the ill effects of bullying. We think they can succeed in making life not just bearable but “winnable” for kids who have a hard time believing that “it gets better.”

The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh interviews candidates and raises funds to produce and distribute two endorsement brochures per year. We have a multi-decade history of educating candidates on our issues. Anyone interested in joining or helping the GSPCGP should please send an email to

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